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Pam Foster, Founder&CEO

The development of “Family Keepers with Extended Care” a 501C(3) organization

  • Inspired by Margaret Foster’s life story, 1925-2021
  • Promoting a holistic approach which services family care givers with on-site self-care treatments, Training and referrals for Health & Wellness needs
  • To Create a Family Health and Wellness Care Center for all ages
  • To coin the Quote” Care Giver Care for Self -First”
  • To deliver health and wellness content on platforms turning care moments into lasting relationships for families and community
Funeral poster of Margaret Foster

We want to create a PodCast that Inspirit and Encourage You as a caregiver. We want to share information, have conversations and work to improve state policies so these issues will not reoccur

Turning interactions into the lasting relationships from friends to family….

To network with sponsors and community leaders to advocate for care givers and their love ones who are the victims with not recourse.

Over 700,000 Thousand or more people Died from Covid and other illnesses in 2019 and 2020 and many were not properly buried and the “Care Taker and their Love ones” suffered so much!!!!!

My mother transitioned in my care. I made room for her in my living- room area because I refused to allow her to pass in the hands of strangers in a nursing home but many did. Some had no choice!

“We will continue to examine, monitor, and adjust as we carefully and thoughtfully lift restrictions on visitation,” said Governor DeWine. “The well-being of our residents has been, and remains, central to our decision-making.” And many died!
The decision to move forward with outdoor visitation for assisting living facilities and intermediate care facilities was made while considering requests from families and residents and considering the impact on the quality of life a prolonged loss of connection can have on an individual. And Many Died! Advocates and providers in the aging and developmental disabilities communities were also consulted, and guidelines for visitation were jointly developed by the Academy for Senior Health Sciences, Leading Age Ohio, the Ohio Assisted Living Association, the Ohio Health Care Association, and the Ohio Medical Director’s Association. Those who stayed home with their love ones suffered too, so much without self-care. Because each facility is different, each facility can determine how to best implement outdoor visitations, however, at a minimum, all facilities developed an inconsistent and unspoken policy that includes terminal and long-term self- trauma. The patience’s were left along. Today families and love-ones are still providing memorial services as their emotional and mental health decline with the trauma and heart brakes of the love ones uncared for. The Question is:

Special Markets

“Self -care, Health & Wellness and Care givers information found online is often incomplete, contradictory, and hard to understand. However, the capability a local network of friends to deliver information and hands on practices such as Family Keepers with Extended Care in the African American community, and get credible information, we can help to improve health outcomes and condition.”

“We know that health disparities will exist if we allow them to continue, and that through partnerships with companies like FKwEC, Healthwise and others, we can start to reduce some of these disparities in the health and health care for African Americans.

“Keeping Family and Community together through extended care and Fostering Compassionate care everywhere to everyone”

Pam Foster